Experience peerlessly expressive and soulful guitar music in technical perfection and brilliant clarity. The young musician could enthuse the audience and critics with his detailed playing in countless concerts.

Samuel arranges the programmes for his concerts from his very comprehensie repertoire, that comprises master pieces from the time of the Renaissance to the 21st century, as well as unheard musical pearls and „Easy Listening Music“ (like Latin-American and Spanish music).

Next to his soloistic appearances Samuel also performs with his sister Laura as the Guitar Duo Klemke. Furthermore he plays with the vanguard Ensemble Marges as well as the soprano Natasha Lopez.

So far his musical commitment led to the production of 4 CDs and a live-DVD of one of the duo concerts. TV- & Radioappearances form part of his career as well, e.g. 2009 with the Deutschland Radio Kultur.

Since beginning his studies at the German University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar his appearances brought Samuel not only into many European countries, but also to North-, Middle- & South-Americ, into the Near East, to Japan, Australia and India.

He also works for film and experimental projects producing sounds and music not only on his guitar, but by very different means.

Samuel plays guitars by Dietrich, Alma guitars, Roemmich, uses capos by G7th and wears suits Cleofe Finati by Archetipo

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