Here you can find some of my most interesting projects.

ART!stik Labor

Trailer for the project „ART!stik Labor“, a performance with artistry and avantgarde music. Filmed during the premiere in August 2008 in Volkenroda / Thuringia / Germany. A cooperation of Ensemble Marges with the Compagnie Aquanaut. Last performance during Sounding D of the Netwerk Neue Musik in September 2010 in Eisenach/Germany. Can still be booked.

Ensemble Lumen

In 2017 Samuel founded the Ensemble Lumen to create a unique concert for the Thuringian Department in Berlin for their traditional Christmas concert, which in that year should appeal to all major religions as a festival of light. In an chamber-orchestra size the goal is to continue the work of outstanding and unique programmes that […]

Silent Movie: Raskolnikow

With the Ensemble Marges, Samuel performs composed and improvised music for silent Movies. In this case it is an improvisation for the more than 2 hours-long film Raskolnikow by Robert Wiene, performed as the opener of the festival „Solo fuer Licht“ in Leipzig and for Slovenska Kinoteka in Ljubljana.

Silent Movie: The Adventures of Prince Ahmed

„The Adventures of Prince Ahmed“ is the first feature-length animation movie in history. It has a very special charme telling the story of Prince Ahmed and his princess with shadows in front of colourful backgrounds. We asked 5 composers to contribute music for each of the 5 parts of the movie, which worked out astonishingly […]